Therapy Is For Everyone


Therapy is becoming more accepted within mainstream society, but for some it still holds a stigma. They seem to think that therapy is meant for those dealing with severe mental illness or have some serious trauma. I’m here to challenge that thought. Much like getting a check-up or blood work done, you do not just go to the doctor when something is wrong you also go to make sure you are in good health generally. This should be no different for one’s mental health. Most psychologists and therapists believe that everyone needs therapy to some extent (even themselves!). There’s a reason that people in this field are required to go through their own therapy and counseling sessions, they know how powerful and needed it can be.

Counseling was originally used to only treat extreme mental health disorders, however today different styles have been adapted to face any degree of situation. Sometimes people seek counseling to get clarification or insight into themselves and future endeavors. They attend sessions to increase their self-esteem, gain confidence, establish better coping mechanisms or even to learn to establish healthy boundaries. There is a gamut of reasons to seek counseling and even more benefits to seeking it earlier rather than later.

Its difficult to break stereotypes, but the benefits always outweigh the risks. If you’re ready to take the next steps and reach out to one of our counselors today. Asking for help is not weakness and it doesn’t make you crazy. It shows incredible strength and normalizes seeking help. Everyone can benefit from help every now and then. That’s ok. The first step to healing is challenging everything you thought you knew about therapy because maybe Hollywood got it wrong, just maybe. If you’re ready to see what therapy is really about, reach out today for a free consultation.

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