Setting Intention for 2021


Its finally here, 2021! The last year has been tough on just about everyone. Its been a challenging and unrelenting year, but it also allowed for growth. It taught us perseverance, and refined our resilience. I’m not huge on new year resolutions, mostly because I don’t stick to them, which is not unlike the majority of people. I like to set intentions instead. I give the new year a word. A word that I try and live into. This year I have chosen the word, “progress.” I’m going to choose progress over perfection. Too often I let perfection hold me back from progress. I fail to take the next step because, its not good enough. I know that perfection is the thief of joy, but its also the thief of success.

I’m not going to climb the mountain with a single step, but with many baby steps. If I learned anything from 2020 its that we don’t always have tomorrow. We only have the here and now. We only have the step in front of us. So this year, I’m going to take a deep breath, look at my feet beneath me, and begin. In the end that’s what counts, not our intended steps, but our actual steps. Perhaps its the blog I’m writing right now or the video I make or even the connections I make this year. Maybe its even smaller then that. Maybe its the smile I give to others or my presence and awareness of the world around me. If I want to impact the world it begins with me.

I challenge you to set an intention for this year. It doesn’t have to be big or grand. Let it represent your heart and begin. Don’t let the intention stay stagnant. Give it life in 2021! Whatever this year brings, may you rise to the challenge, and begin your journey.


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