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Hi, Welcome to my site! Please feel free to stay awhile and check it out. I’m Jessica Conaway a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida. I’ve been in private practice for over 6 years and recently decided to expand practice by using Telehealth. This platform allows me to reach more people who are in need of counseling, I’m now able to treat anyone residing in the state of Florida.

During my time in practice I have been able to help with a range of issues including, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and life transitions among many others. Click on the links to learn more about each and how I can best help you.

I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband and beautiful baby girl. I’m very passionate about life and living it to the fullest. You can almost always find me somewhere near water, if its the weekend then I’m probably on some sea shore. I love the sound of the waves accompanied by the sound of my little girls laugh, there is nothing more life giving then the laughter of a child. I pride myself on being a creative soul. I love artistic expression of any kind and usually incorporate that into my sessions. We create to explore. We laugh to heal. We love in order to thrive.


Mental Health Counseling with children (5-12), adolescents and teens (12-18), and adults.


Mental Health Counseling Exclusively Online for my teenage and Adult Clients. Click here to learn more about Telehealth.

Play Therapy for my younger clients In-office- Dr. Phillips


I work hard to find a time that can work best for you. I understand that you’re busy, so lets work together and create space for what important, your mental well-being.


I believe we are all broken healers in our own right. Everyone decides what to do with their pain, I decided that after taking the steps towards healing (seeking counseling) that I would dedicate my life to helping others along the path. I spent the next 7 years in school, received special training, and the rest is history.